A complete solution to manage taxi limo wheelchair bus service and drivers under one roof.




1. What is Legal Taxis? 

Legal Taxis is an amazing Taxi booking software with latest technology compare with none. Easily connecting Passengers with Taxi Drivers and Operators can manage all their needs of Taxi services. Dedicated Developers team continuously and tirelessly working on this to fulfill Taxi user’s need. Legal Taxis aims to give best service to all taxi users.

2. Why should I use Legal Taxis?

Apart from Public Transports, Train, Tube and Buses also people using Taxis, Hackney carriages, and Private hire vehicle (Minicabs) everyday. These all are very essential transports for everyone when intends to go out of home. Legal Taxis is a quick service provider of Taxis because it’s always showing closest Taxis. This is a hassle free ride for passengers wherever Legal Taxis service is available. 

3. Will Legal Taxis suit to passenger and driver?

Yes for Passenger and Driver can enjoy when using this latest technology. 

4. How easy it is to use and reliable?

This is very easy to use and guaranteed reliability. All in your control depend on how you want to use.  

5. How I can use?

Download the Legal Taxis app from Apple app store or Google Play store then simply register with your mobile number and email address. As soon as you register, you can use straightaway.

6. How should I download Legal Taxis?

You can download the Legal Taxis app from apple store or Google play store.

7. Do I need to pay any additional fees or charges?

There is no registration charge or hidden fee. Passenger only pays what they travelled.

8. Can I start using straightaway?

Yes soon as you download the app, You can start immediately.




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