A complete solution to manage taxi limo wheelchair bus service and drivers under one roof.


How it works

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Tap on Map

The GPS-based option allows the user to locate the place of the cab and the passenger on the map. The address can be auto-filled by selecting the location of the map

Reliable Rides

Once when a cab is booked for service, the details of the driver along with mobile number will be sent to the customer which makes the passenger to feel the ride to be reliable

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Worthwhile Rates

The tariff is calculated automatically based on the pick-up and drop location which proves the genuineness of the taxi booking without any confusions on rates or fare

Pay via Mobile

There is no need to confuse with cash payment. The customers can pay flexibly using the credit card. Once when the payment is done, an email receipt will be sent to the customer.

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Rate the driver

The customers can place a feedback on the driver or the trip by using star rating. This rating act like a feedback to access the driver which can help the company to maintain standards.

Social Sharing

The customer can share their opinions on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. They can also send messages and email to express their recommendation for the taxi company.

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Enjoy the benefits of :

  • Select location on map
  • Search nearest available free cab
  • Pick-up and drop at your place
  • GPS tracking to view approaching cab
  • Pay using credit card or Paypal
  • Star rating of the driver as feedback
  • Store favorite places/rides
  • Social media share
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  • Pick at Spot

    Pick at Spot

    Book the taxi through your smartphone app and get picked up at your place. Most convenient way to hire a taxi without confusions.

    • GPS facility
    • Get notifications
    • Confirm trip within 60 seconds
    • On spot pickup/drop
  • Credit Card Payment

    Pick at Spot

    All the payments can be done safely via credit card. The trip charges are calculated automatically based on pick up and drop location.

    • Automatic fare calculation
    • Save default card detail
    • Instant payment receipt
    • Save history of trip
  • Secured App

    Pick at Spot

    The app manages the content safely with proper handling of secured information such as credit card details and personal information.

    • One touch address filling
    • Driver details on trip confirmation
    • Flash estimated rate and arrival time
    • Track ongoing journey

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